2015 San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival Award Winning List

2015 SFNCFF Award Ceremony Video

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival 2015

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• Winners

1. Best Picture Award (Narrative Film) "Helio" US
2. Best Director Award "Beautiful Face" — Joanna Zhang US
3. Best Foreign Language Film Award “Three Generations of Migrating Laborers" China
4. Best Foreign Language Film Directing Award “The Road” China
5. Best Foreign Language Film Screenplay Award "The Purest Eyes" China
6. Sofia University Humanity Award (Excellent Social Benefit Film Directing & Screenplay) - “Three Generations of Migrating Laborers" China
7. Best Screenplay Award "The Thirty Nine Days" US
8. Best Documentary Award "One of Them" US
9. Best MTV Award "Clap Clap Riot - So You Say" New Zealand
10. Best Animation Award "Blind Date" US
11. Best MTV Directing "Cheers" — Li, Siyang China
12. Best Cinematography Award "Getting Meisnered" US
13. Best Editing Award "Falling In The Flowers" US
14. Best Musical Film Award "Crack Cane" US
15. Best Dramatic Film Award "The Poisoned Cup" US
16. Best Action Film Award "Mae Day" US
17. Best Sound and Effect Award “PRUNUS PERSICA" US
18. Best Costume Design Award "The Poisoned Cup" US
19. Best Make-Up Award "Beautiful Face" - Connie Xu US
20. Best Production Design Award "Beautiful Face” - Leka Lee US
21. Best Action Design Award "Be With You" China
22. Best Leading Actor Award "Beautiful Face" — Xingjiu Liu China
23. Best Leading Actress Award "Getting Meisnered" — Kat Crawley US
24. Best Social Public Interest Film Award "The Tears of Tarim" China
25. Best TV Interview Award Ding Ding TV US
26. Best Original Music Score Award “Fly Across The World” — Yunhai Zhang US
27. Best Potential Screenplay Award "Collage" US
28. Best Student Creative Award "Love Is Flying" (爱情起飞) US
29. Excellent Film Production Award "Eerie Anecdotes-Party at Jill's" US
30. Excellent Foreign Film Award "Black Blood" China
31. Best MTV Singer Award "Do Not Say Depart" — Martin Wong US
32. Excellent Experimental Film "Illusion" S. Korea
33. Excellent Potential Film “I'm All Right, You All Right?” UK
34. Excellent MTV Award "Time" China
35. Excellent Documentary "Bone" Australia
36. Excellent Documentary "Waking Up Alive" US
37. Excellent Foreign Documentary Award "Manchu" China
38. Excellent Documentary Editing Award "The Second Chance" US
39. Excellent Foreign Documentary Award "Chubby Women—Forbidden City Gathering" China
40. Excellent MTV Acting Award "Cheers" - Jiang, Yuanfei China
41. Excellent Music Lyrics Award “Root In River Luo" China
42. Excellent Leading Actor Award "Along Qinghai Lake"- Yilihamu.Maimaiti China
43. Excellent Supporting Actor Award "Beautiful Face" — Zhuo Qin US
44. Excellent Animation Award "Spring" China
45. Excellent Animation Award "Survival Balance Maintenance Department" China
46. Excellent MTV Award "No Vacation - August" US
47. Best Potential Documentary Award "Painter" US
48. Most Popular Film Award "Beautiful Face" US
49. Most Popular Documentary Award "The Weight of Life" China
50. Excellent Young Talent Award "Beautiful Face" — Iris Liao US
51. Excellent Young Talent Award “Three Generations of Migrating Laborers" — Deng, Xiangyi China
52. Excellent Young Talent Award "Falling In The Flowers" — Elaina Rae Greenawalt US
53. Excellent Potential Film Award "The Addiction" US
54. Excellent Potential Film Award "The Driver" US
55. Best Young Talent Music Award "Prodigy Piano Duo's Unexpected Journey"- Xinyi Wang & Ray Zhang Canada

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