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2016 San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival Award Winning List

• Awards category

• Winners

1. Best Feature Film HEART WITH THE SUN 《心语阳光》 China
2. Best Documentary THE FARMER AND I Germany
3. Best Narrative Film The Stepmother 《酸菜》 China
4. Best Children’s Film Love is All I Have USA
5. Best Animation Course of Nature USA
6. Best Comedy Award PAPA 《洛杉矶捣蛋计划》 - Xiao Zheng 郑潇 China
7. Best Opera Film Love Beyond Eternity 《妹娃要过河》 China
8. Best Vietnamese Film Huong Ga Vietnam
9. Best Nepal Film Teen Gumti Nepal
10. Best Student Narrative Film Hey Judy USA
11. Best Commercial Hangzhou 《杭州》 China
12. Best Director Award Escape Route 《夺路而逃》 - Lin Wu 吴林 China
13. Best New Director The Great Guys 《了不起的小家伙们》 - Jin Zhang 张进 China
14. Best New Screenwriter The Great Guys 《了不起的小家伙们》 - Ting Zhang 张婷 China
15. Best Screenwriting Yi Fu_100 Years_《百年逸夫》 - Guoping Ren 任国平(梧桐) USA
16. Best New Concept Screenwriting Rescue《营救》- Yu Shi 施雨, Yudong Zhu朱昱东 China
17. Best Student Short Screenwriting Red Ribbon Week 《红丝带周》 — Longyin Lin 林龙吟 USA
18. Best Music Video Where I met you? - Yichen Guo 郭奕辰 China
19. Best Student Video Everything We Talked - Diandian Chen 陈靛靛 USA
20. Best Student Sound Effect Rough 《崎岖》 - Yijun Cai 蔡毅君 USA
21. Best Leading Actor Wedding at Great Wall 《野长城》 - Xiaoyi Wang 王小毅 China
22. Best Leading Actress Teen Gumti - Nandita Kc Nepal
23. Best Supporting Actor PAPA 《洛杉矶捣蛋计划》 - Brother Cui 北美崔哥 China
24. Best Music Composing Escape Route《夺路而逃》 - Mengmeng Zhang 张萌萌 China
25. Sofia University Humanity New Concept Film HEART WITH THE SUN《心语阳光》 China
26. Excellent Feature Escape Route 《夺路而逃》 China
Midnight Delight USA
Shadow USA
Fake Guardians 《冒牌监护人》 China
Out Of The Deep Forest 《走出深林》 China
27. Excellent Narrative Film Love Greeting《爱的问候》 China
A letter Form Grandpa 《爷爷的信》 China
Karma USA
Unbreakable Love 《分手大作战》 China
28. Excellent Documentary POWER TO CHANGE — THE ENERGY REBELLION Germany
A Hostel For Back-Ba 《背二哥公寓》 China
Swan Goose 《鸿雁》 China
Out of the Wild 《绝境求生》 China
The Southwest China 《西南》 China
29. Excellent Village Documentary Faith In Ailao Mountain 《哀牢山的信仰》 USA
30. Excellent Animation Paris Trance USA
Tree. Soul. Day & Night 《树.灵.昼夜》 China
Bibo Fairy 《碧波仙子》 USA
31. Excellent Student Narrative Film Jiaozi 《饺子》 USA
Rim Bed One Thousand Years《缘榻千年》 China
Missing You 《错过》 China
Little Happiness _ 《小确幸》 China
32. Excellent Student Documentary The Call Of The Ancient 《远古的呼唤》 China
Mom 《阿妈》 China
Driving BART USA
33. Excellent Opera Film Baochuan Wang 《王宝钏》 China
34. Excellent Director Under Walnut Tree 《核桃树下》 - Xiaoning Liu 刘小宁 China
35. Excellent Production Medea Redux USA
The Offensive USA
36. Excellent Screenwriting Gold Banquet 黄金宴 — Yili Han 韩一丽, Peiyuan Liu 刘沛源 China
37. Excellent Short Screenwriting Bright Years 《似锦年华》 USA
38. Excellent Student Short Screenwriting Old House 《老房子》 China
39. Excellent Potential Screenwriting Green Card Lady 《绿卡女人》 USA

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