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2018 SFNCFF Golden Mountain Cup Film Music Competition

1. Mission:

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival holds the Third Film Music Performing Competition in both vocal and instrumental.

2. Competition Schedule and Location:

Preliminary: July 31, 2018 at San Francisco Bay Area. Outside the Bay Area Contestants can e-mail video links.

Final: August 25th, 2018 at Capuchino Performing Center, San Bruno, CA, USA

3. Three age group of the competition:

A. Future Star Group: under 21 years of age

B. Ruby Group: 22-50 years old

C. Diamond Group: over 51 years of age

4. Categories of the competition:

Solo, duet, trio, group singing or instrumental play, chorus, etc. Please e-mail music MP3 file to sfnewfilmentry@gmail.com prior to competition.

5. Organizer: San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

6. The requirements of the competition:

A. Sole participant: registration fee: $80.

    (1) The contestants may choose the Chinese and the foreign film songs to participate in the competition.

    (2) Basic requirements: tone, intonation; pronunciation, enunciation is clear, full of emotion.

    (3) The time of singing or playing is no more than four minutes.

    (4) Good stage manor and expressive style.

B. Duet, Trio, Ensemble or group singing/players (2-9 persons): registration fee: $120.

C. 10-15 small Chorus / Ensemble: registration fee: $200.

D. 16 people or above chorus/ensemble: the registration fee: $400.

7. The Judge Committee:

Professional singers, musicians as well as professors.

8. Awards:

First Prize: Trophy and certificate, will be invited to perform at the award ceremony or special event.

Second Prize: Trophy and certificate.

Third Prize: Trophy and certificate.

9. The standard of competition scoring:

Score: Total 100

Score requirement:
    1) Tone, intonation, pronunciation / tone is clear, correct, and standard English, Chinese or foreign language pronunciation, and the proper use of voice tone: 20 Points

    2) Combined with the theme of the concept:a total of: 15 Points

    3) The performance level of the players. Have a good performance level, the performance is very committed.: Total 50 Points

    4) The stage style, costume and make-up: Total 10 Points

    5) Original song/music (composed by the singer or player): Total 5 Points

Note: The final interpretation belongs to the Organizing Committee.

Film Music Competition Contest Application Form

Check payable to “SFNCFF” with the App Form mail to 支票与申请表寄至:
561 San Mateo Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066
E-mail: SFNCFFfilmmusic@hotmail.com

Registration Options

Online Submission Form

Please remember to pay your application fee on Paypal using the buttons above.

*By signing below, the applicant confirmed that he/she holds all necessary rights for the submission of the Entry and for the granting of all rights to SFNCFF herein and that he/she has read, understands and agrees to pay application fees and granting SFNCFF to exhibit on line or on theater publicly or edit the submitted music for promotional usage for SFNCFF.

US-China Culture & Communication Association
Ivy Images
Dasen American Academy
Academy of Art University
Chinese Students Association
San Francisco State University
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
University of San Francisco
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Berkeley Chinese Students
and Scholars Association
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Ohlone College
California College of Arts
Chinese Students Association
University of San Francisco
Chinese Students Association
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